1. Is the TaylorMade pipe legal for street use?

The TaylorMade exhaust is sold for Race applications only

TaylorMade Racing exhausts are intended for closed-course racing and not legal for street use. To read more about aftermarket exhausts and the CARB regulations.

2. Do I need a PowerCommander with my TaylorMade exhaust?

Your stock ECU and Fuel Injection System will perform well and provide increased performance running the TaylorMade slip on without a Power Commander, but you will see improved throttle response and rideability if you install one. GSXR 1000 riders will gain an extra 3 HP, at least, with a properly mapped PowerCommander.

3. Do you have a map for my PowerCommander with TaylorMade exhaust?

Yes. Please email sales@racetaylormade.com to request a map for your PowerCommander.

4. Do I need to cut my fairing to install the TaylorMade exhaust kit on my bike?

No. On GSXR 1000s, a small aluminum bracket loop needs to be trimmed from the frame, but the fairings do not require modification on any TaylorMade kit.

5. My pipe seems too loose in the strap, what could be wrong?

A small amount of movement is normal, but a very loose muffler will eventually fail due to vibration. Check the installation of your muffler and make sure that all the instructions have been followed. GSXR 600s and 750s require the unbolting of one stock rubber mounting bracket. Mounting your muffler to this bracket will result in a loose muffler and a voided warranty. GSXR 1000s have two rubber mounts that need to be unbolted. If you have any questions about your installation, please call our tech support at 818 781 8123.

6. My bike is backfiring when I let off the throttle, what can I do?

A fuel computer such as a PowerCommander will minimize popping and backfires.

7. My muffler has a rattle, is something wrong?

A rattle might be debris inside the muffler or a loose rivet due to fatigue or improper installation. Debris in a muffler can also be caused by carbon buildup, and can be removed by shaking the muffler, a loose rivet must be repaired. Please contact us if you feel your muffler needs repair or replacement.

8. I just installed my GSXR pipe and the tip sticks out too far from the carbon trim. What can I do?

Check the hanging strap for the muffler. The strap is handed, R and L. On the 1000 pipe, the short tab should go on the Left side of the bike, as seated on the bike. The 600/750 strap is also handed. Please check the fitting instructions.

9. Will my Carbon fiber trim burn from the heat of the exhaust?

Carbon fiber will only burn or discolor if the tip is touching the trim, or if the tip is exiting exhaust gas behind the trim. A properly installed exhaust will exit just slightly in front of the trim piece.

10. I don’t see my bike on your website. Can you make an underbelly kit for me?

All our available products are listed on the website. Not all bikes have room for the TaylorMade underbelly canister.

11. Do you make full systems for the Honda CBR 1000RR ?

Coming soon

12. Is the trim piece plastic?

All our “carbon” trim pieces are real Carbon Fiber.

13. I have a showbike. Can I make my carbon trim piece shiny?

Carbon pieces can be sanded and polished, clearcoated, or painted. You can do it yourself or have a paint shop do it for you.

14. Can you put my bike picture on your website?

We’d be glad to, send all TaylorMade pictures to Sales@racetaylormade.com Subject TMR Install Pictures

15. Will you sponsor my racebike?

We love racing, but we can’t sponsor everyone. We do occasionally provide exhausts or discounts to some racers. If you are a serious racer interested in campaigning our exhaust during your season, send a sponsorship request package to 7712 Gloria Ave # 3 Van Nuys CA 91406.

16. I’ve seen you guys at the racetrack, what are you doing there?

TaylorMade Composites does custom work for several of the AMA and World Superbike and Supersport race teams. We go to tests and races to provide support and test new pieces.

17. Can you make custom carbon for my bike?

Only if you are very rich.

18. Do you ship to APO addresses?


19. Is it better to buy from my local dealer or directly from you?

TaylorMade supports our dealer network, so all tech support and warranties are applicable no matter where you get your TaylorMade exhaust. Additionally, your local dealer can often provide “hands on” advice and assistance for our products.

20. Why are your products so expensive, I could make that in my garage for 3 cents each?

If you can make it in your garage for 3 cents apiece, please send us a product sample and we will hire you as our manufacturer!