2012 – 2016 Honda CBR1000RR Hugger – Rear

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*For non ABS models only*

Look at any top level Superbike or GP bike and you will always see a full enclosure rear fender. The main benefit is reducing aero dynamic drag plus keeping unobtainium shocks safe from flying debris. Our superbike fender for the Fireblade is designed first and foremost to reduce drag but John Keogh couldn’t resist making it look really cool too. Constructed from carbon fibre this fender is the highest quality available. Sized to fit wide 200 section rear doughnuts our fender is a genuine Factory racing part.

Please Note: This is a racing part, and designed to be as light as possible. The surface is uncoated and will not have the finish of a clearcoat although should have a smooth surface. This is the natural surface of the carbon fiber. Customers desiring a show finish will want to have the part clear coated.

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1 review for 2012 – 2016 Honda CBR1000RR Hugger – Rear

  1. Mike S. (verified owner)

    I give it five stars because this rear Hugger is exactly as they described and designed with racing in mind. That being said, I did not buy it for racing and here’s a street riders point of view. Packaging was good and delivery was quick considering I am on the opposite coast. There were no directions for installation, but this isn’t a tough one to figure out, so that’s no big deal. It fit well, but I believe since it is designed for the track, the manufacture had planned for the Hugger to be installed without the chain guard in place. I thought this would probably create some chain lube fling-mess under the tail section and I wasn’t thrilled about the idea of additional cleaning, so I tried fitting it with the chain guard in place and I was able to do so with no problem. On the other side of the swing arm there are two metal fastening brackets that hold the rear brake line in place. These brackets have little downward tabs that align with small holes in the swing arm to keep the brackets from twisting. Those tabs will need to be bent upward or cut off to allow the new hardware bolts to sink flush. They bend up easily, don’t be discouraged it’s not a big issue and it only takes a moment to do. The product is feather light and has a great looking Carbon Fiber weave. The finish was not dull and flat, nor was it high gloss. It was shiny-ish; think semi gloss. Looks good on my 2016 matte black CBR 1000rr and it will match any paint scheme out there. As far as looks, it does add a little more body work, that in my opinion, takes slightly away from the aggressive, openness of a cleaned up (fender eliminated) tail section. But the benefit is the reduction of rear tire spray from wet riding all over the area where the shock is mounted, along with less sand or dirt in those hard to clean places, plus the added aerodynamics and true bragging rights of having true super-bike equipment on your ride. It is not the cheapest option out there, but you only live once and you should treat yourself to the best life has to offer when you can. This IS the best, so buy it, be happy and don’t crash.

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